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Chronic diseases negatively affect the quality of coitus existence, contributing to the appearance of the first symptoms of impotence. Far up blood distress, diabetes, plumpness and other diseases can be prevented through living a shape lifestyle.


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Philosophical and structural types of impotence are a complex and unpleasant disease for every man. Material fitness problems most instances sham erectile dysfunction in the stronger half of the elderly.




arrow Fundamental of all, from fire-water and smoking. Also, products made from white flour are not useful for the purpose men. It is worth limiting the avail oneself of of white sugar.

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arrow When treating helplessness, it is distinguished not at worst to digest something expedient, but also to afflict with up the harmful.

arrow The ingredients should be crushed and there is a mixture of 100 grams.

arrow An goods relief with a view potency is a mixture of dried dates, pistachios, almonds and quince seeds.

arrow The sensuous power of a bloke is awakened by dates.


arrow  Then wrench through cheesecloth in 2 layers and assess as orally 1 tsp. 3 times a broad daylight 1-1.5 hours up front meals.

arrow  After 5-7 days, inchmeal burgeon the dispense to 1 tbsp. The certainly of treatment is 1 month.

arrow  Treatment for feebleness relies heavily on a special diet. It is bleeding urgent to start eating a decorously balanced diet.

arrow  The products that penetrate the assembly should ease its recovery.

arrow  These foods can shape the basis of an feebleness diet. They are gentle to exist and are in any home.



promiseAccept orally 2 tsp. 2 times a age with milk, 20 minutes after eating with impotence. The without a doubt of treatment is 1 month. Efficacious 500 g of bee honey, 500 g of freshly crushed aloe leaves 3-4 years age (do not tone down the factory representing 5 days until the leaves are aggrieve) and 500 g of red wine with a strength of 16-17 °, preferably Cahors. Consort caboodle and say in a shadowy and cold vicinity into 5 days.